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House Washing North Shore
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Water Blasting North Shore

The Water blasting North Shore & house washing in Auckland is an upcoming trade. Many companies are now offering house washing services. Keeping your house or commercial building in mint and presentable condition should be a top priority for all property owners/managers. These house washing services provide a convenient, affordable way to do so. Using these services takes away the hours it may take to clean your own house. The advanced equipment such as pressure washers used can really make a difference between clean enough and sparkling. There are many options all over the country and in Auckland for your house washing needs. So, you have many choices when it comes to choosing the company with the highest quality service for the best price.

Many companies design, build and maintain all of their own equipment used for washing. Common practise when using a house washing service is to first get a quote. To clarify, the price of the wash will be dependent on things such as the size of the house and the hours it will take to clean. House cleaning is used for residential properties, the exterior of apartments and commercial properties. Meaning, despite the name, house cleaners are capable of cleaning a variety of structures based on your needs.

What they do

Normally these house cleaning companies start off by using a combination of three cleaning agents. For example, a salt-based cleaning agent, a citrus-based cleaning agent and a detergent. This agent is then washed off with a pressure washer, completing the process of cleaning a residential exterior. A large, lawnmower like tool known as the Whirlaway is used to clean large hard surfaces, such as pool tiles. Windows are also washed using tried and trusted methods (often with a squeegee) and higher up windows are reached using a hose and extended brush method. These cleaners will clean all exterior surfaces including, but not limited to: sliding doors, roofs, gutters, walkways and outdoor structures.

When cleaning apartments, elevated work platforms are used due to the apartments being higher up. However, the same cleaning agents and wash methods are used. When large commercial properties need cleaning, a truck-mounted telescopic boom is used to get access to the otherwise inaccessible areas. In both cases these companies are using advanced equipment most homeowners do not have access to, meaning going with them is a no brainer. If you are a business owner and want your shopfront cleaned, many of these companies offer ongoing contracts, meaning you will have a consistently clean building and can have confidence in the appearance of your store at all times.

Any Building or Home

Overall, no matter what kind of building you have, these companies are equipped and able to clean your building. The convenience and almost overwhelming amount of options of different house cleaners mean you as the consumer has many choices for where you choose to take your business and the costs of doing so easily compensate that of doing the job yourself with lower quality equipment. This means you get a better result and higher levels of convenience with less effort by going with a house washing company opposed to DIY, and many of these companies have money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied, meaning you are guaranteed good service.

House Washing North Shore
House Washing North Shore

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